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Candy gift

The time of giving is coming and we always spend the most money on little things to wrap! You still have time to make a candy gift - a gift for Saint Nicholas. It is never difficult to give gifts to children! Get to work on your own or play with them. It is not difficult!

Preparation steps

  • The idea was taken from youtube where halved rolls of paper towels are used), but I immediately saw how I can recycle the rolls left after spent toilet paper, but also the remnants of decorative wrapping paper. There are always some small pieces left that are not enough for bigger gifts, but it can be used for this one.
  • Put a gift in the roll - a small chocolate bar, a small toy or a kinder egg - it works if you carefully push it inside.
  • Apply glue to a paper roll and place that end on top of the paper you cut as long as you want your “candy” to be long.
  • When you have done this, turn the roll a little, and now apply a thin layer of glue to the whole.
  • Roll up and when all the paper is wrapped around the roll, cut off the excess paper and apply the glue along the entire length so that you get a “tube”.
  • Press lightly with your hands along one end of the roll, wrap with decorative tape. Do the same on the other side of the roll.
  • And the candy-gift is over!
  • IMPORTANT: Don't forget to put the right gift in the roll!


These candy-gifts can also be made by children for their friends at school or their family, but they are also a nice gift for giving to children in homes. It is really not difficult to make children happy, and a gift made like this will surely bring a wide smile to their faces!


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