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Cake topping decorations + fondant, part 3, Zvoncica

Here is another example of what you can do with transparent cake topping wings. It takes patience, but it pays off.

Preparation steps

  • I used ready-made Wilton fondant, instead I can use marzipan or sugar mass or chocolate for modeling (if you have chocolate oil-based paints).
  • First prepare the wings as they need to dry to assemble the figurine. Shape the wings out of floral wire, prepare the cake topping according to the instructions on the bag (I use Dr. Oetker's), and dip the wing in the hot topping and gently pull out. If the membrane is thick, it cracks easily and in that case you can warm it up a bit in peace / crotch. It should be pulled very slowly. Then carefully stick the end of the wing wire into a fondant or marzipan ball and let the wings dry. Be careful not to touch the wings while they are wet as they can stick to each other and then the membrane cracks.
  • First shape the lower body, from the waist down. The waist should be narrow because the dress will still go over it, but the base can be wider to be stable. Then shape the legs. It depends on the position in which you make Zvoncica, if you want her to sit as in the picture, then she will need toothpicks outside in the part of the leg above the knee so that she can stand firmly without leaning on the surface. Then shape the torso (from the waist to the neck), arms and head (each part separately). Insert three toothpicks into the torso, one to protrude that will hold the head to sleep. The toothpicks are necessary because otherwise you would have to make a very chubby Bell to stand upright. Then roll out the green fondant very thinly, cut the dress and shoes and glue. on Zvoncica's body. Then fasten your arms. The hands are also best to have a toothpick inside so that they can stand out straight without twisting. All parts should be slightly dried before assembling, but not completely, if they are too dry and do not stick, apply a little water to the joint with a brush and glue.
  • Then stab the wings and finally attach the head. Then using royal icing, draw the eyes (previously indent the fondant where the eye goes and just fill the cavity with royal icing) and the mouth (for white teeth), like this. You can also use royal icing to add details to the dress to mask the arm joint. I wanted both the hair and the detail on the royal icing shoes, but it's very wet here these days, so it doesn't dry out, and then at the last minute I switched to do the hair from the fondant. As I started with white royal icing with the intention of painting it when it dries, I put on white fondant and repainted it.
  • So for the shoes, make a ball of white fondant and stick it on the shoe. For hair Squeeze the white fondant (or even better yellow if you start immediately from the fondant) through a tea strainer to get thin strands of hair and then stick it on the head of the bell. When the figurine has dried, draw eyebrows, mouth and eyes with a brush and pre-paint, and dye your hair if necessary.


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