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Cake decorations, Taj Mahal

Making instructions. This takes a lot of patience, but I think it's worth it. It would be better if the turrets were thinner, but I still have to try to find the material so that they can stand upright and be thin. They are the most critical part, the rest is not problematic, it just takes patience.

Preparation steps

  • The gum glue is made by heating the gum with a little water to get a thick sticky liquid, I have described in more detail in various anti-recipes for making flowers.
  • Before you start, print a couple of pictures that clearly show what it looks like. There are a lot of details, I didn't add a lot of details because they simply couldn't make it from the fondant, so pictures from various perspectives are necessary. Knead the white fondant with a little brown so that it is not completely white but to get more like white marble (first mix the brown with half white to completely combine the colors, then mix the cream color with the rest of the white so that it does not blend completely)
  • First, roll out the base thickly, cut a square and add a separate tower base and join. Then make recessed arches at the bottom of the base (maybe with a rounded food stick), like this. Finally, cut another smaller rectangle, which you connect to the base (this will be the front side), and recess the door on both sides. Set aside.
  • For turrets, mix fondant with gumpaste 1: 1 (it might be even better and more stable with more gumpaste, but then it would be harder to add details). shape the cylinder, and make indentations at the top, then shape the domes and glue the gummy ones, like this. had it) and smooth well over the toothpick. Then make three thin strips and glue a circle around the towers, then make details on the underside with tweezers, like this. Repeat for the other towers, let them dry a bit, then insert a toothpick on the base where the tower goes, smear the bottom of the tower with gum and glue and connect. Allow everything to dry well and cover the towers with crumpled plastic wrap until they are completely dry.
  • For the main part, make a fondant cube and cut the pieces. then make indentations like this When you have carved a large onion, then glue a rectangle with the cut onion over it. An easier way is to first glue a rectangle and then hollow out the bow, like this. For small side towers, shape on a toothpick and insert into place. Repeat until you have completed all sides.
  • Then shape the cylinder z in the middle, fasten it with rubber glue and then you need four cylinders (on which to bend the arches) and domes for the sides. On the large dome for the center, when you shape the dome, make a small pile of fondant and roll out the ends, and stick a brown part made around the toothpick on it, like this. The toothpick because it is very thin, if it dries completely then it will not bend but it can easily break when everything is joined, it is easier with a toothpick. Put it on top of the middle part (connect with gummy glue) and that's it.


Since the whole decoration is quite heavy, things like this are most suitable for compact cakes without cream.


alek decorations ornamentation

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