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Cake decorations, sleeping beauty

Description for making decorations. Fondant + gumpaste.

Preparation steps

  • Spread a thin creamy gum, cut a shape for the upper edge of the bed (headboard) on which you can stick a decorative relief, in this case flowers. Allow to dry well. Shape the bed, pillow and mattress from white fondant. Mix a little white and pink to get one lighter and one darker shade, then change the mattress and pillow, and make a seam on the mattress with a dot. Make a recess on the pillow for the head, to make it look more natural because the figurine will not sink when the pillow dries. Glue the headboard to the bed with glue (heated with a little water), support it with crumpled transparent foil until the glue dries. The finished bed looks like this
  • Make a tiara out of cream gum, When it has dried, cover it with yellow fondant and insert "jewels" - balls of blue and red fondant.
  • Shape the figurine from a mixture of half modeling paste / half gump in parts and join. This time there is no wire in the hands because they lean on the body, but there is a brush through the neck, head and torso because the neck is thin. Place the figurine on the crumpled transparent foil so that it does not flatten before it dries, like this, and dress it in a rolled mixture of blue and white fondant. you need three shades of blue, the darkest for the shoes and the top of the dress, the lighter blue for the skirt (make pleats before attaching it to the figurine) and the lightest blue for the sleeves and the part below the waist. On the upper edge of the dress goes the edge of the rolled white fondant. Draw eyebrows and eyelashes brown, then apply pink powder to lips and cheeks. Knead the yellow with a little brown fondant and style your hair. If the figurine is too dry, you can additionally fasten the clothes and hair with rubber glue.
  • Finally, put a tiara on your hair, and fasten the rose (partially insert the wire) so that it looks like you are holding it in your hands.


By the way, my bed turned out to be a bit shorter because I didn't measure, it would be better if the rose was a little smaller, but I don't think it's bad, this one is the thinnest so far :) I still have to practice, I still have various Disney characters left. I just don't know whether to go back to the beginning and make Cinderella again, because Cinderella used to be really chubby to me.


alek decorations

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