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Cake decorations, flower bouquet

Instructions for making a bouquet. Of the new flowers have a variety of filler flowers: daisies on the wire, mimosa, and amaranthus. Flowers are made earlier, they can stand when they dry well (but when they are dry they are brittle) because it takes a lot of time. Everything in the bouquet is gumpaste / florist paste except rosemary which is real. Of all the various decorating ideas I’ve put together, this one is the most time consuming.

Preparation steps

  • First make the leaves by attaching a ball of rubber to the flower wire bent into a hook, then flatten it with your fingers, roll it out with a rolling pin and cut out the shape of the leaf and make the leaves with a fork ( Allow the leaves to dry in the desired position.
  • For the flowers you will need gum glue, which is obtained by heating a ball of gum with a little water to get a thick liquid. It can stand for a week or two in the refrigerator, you just need to wrap it well with plastic wrap.
  • Roses are made according to this recipe just leave each one individually on your wire. Also, when the roses should stand upright, they should be dried upright. If you don't have a flower stand, make a ball of marzipan and just stab the flowers to dry, like this. Make some roses completely open and some semi-open, like this. In the bouquet in the picture are three pink, two orange-red, three yellow, two white and one burgundy rose.
  • Kale is made according to this recipe. The picture shows three pale purple and two white. You can put them on more, they are made quickly.
  • For the buds, shape the bud, attach it to the wire bent into a hook, feel the calyx from the rolled green gum and attach it to the wire and connect, then press three lines into the bud to make it look like the edges of the petals.
  • For the daisies on the wire, bend the wire 90 degrees, and tuck into the yellow center piece. Coat the top surface with gummy glue (using a brush) and dip in the polenta. Roll out the gum pads, cut twice using a daisy cutter, then place one over the other so that the petals do not overlap. Put it on the wire, smear the lower part of the yellow part with rubber glue and connect. Allow to dry, like this
  • For mimosa, bend a thin wire into the desired shape. If the mimosa is used as a filler and not one of the main flowers in the bouquet, a smaller number is enough. Attach a ball of yellow fondant to the end of each wire bent into a hook. Spread the gum with glue and dip in the polenta, like this
  • For amaranthus, shape the roller and attach it to the wire. Then use tweezers to form a circle from top to bottom, and so on until you have finished the entire cylinder. Allow to dry, like this
  • When all the flowers are dry, you can start assembling the bouquet. Form a hemisphere of marzipan, about the same color as the top surface of the cake. Arrange the leaves in the lower part, and then start with a mixture of leaves and flowers. Once you have put most of it, it will be harder to arrange the rest, it is easier if you hold the wire with tweezers than with your hand because everything needs to be arranged so densely. If space remains as I have left, fill the gaps with rosemary sprigs as in the picture, or decorative ribbons on the wire can be used.
  • Bouquet from a long angle: 12


alek cake decorations ornamentation

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