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Cake decorations, chincherinchee and easter lily

Instructions for making decorations. Everything is clumsy.

Preparation steps

  • For the chincherinchee, mix a little green and white gum, make a cylinder that slims towards the top and put it on a flower wire bent into a hook. Fix the shape, and then use scissors to make notches around. Leave to dry, it should dry vertically, I usually stick it in a marzipan ball. Make 8 buds, two pale green, three even paler green and three white, and put them on a thin flower wire bent into a hook. For the flowers, put a little brown rubber band on the wire bent in a hook for the center of the flower, arrange the stamens and fasten them to the wire with a floral ribbon. Roll out a thin white pumpkin, cut three joined petals twice, separate their edges, put one over the other to get six petals and let them dry in a bent shape (I use small paper or silicone baskets for such flowers). When the petals have dried, smear the middle with a little gummy glue (obtained by mixing the gummy with a little water and heating in the microwave to get a thick sticky liquid) and insert the wire through the center. Allow to dry. When all the parts are dry, then apply a little green powder on the green part to shade it a little and dark yellow at the top of each notched part. Also shade the buds with green powder. Join the buds (first smaller then larger) and then the flowers one by one by wrapping the floral ribbon around the wires.
  • For lilies, this time I made them in a quick way without wires in each petal, when working each petal separately with wire they turn out nicer but it takes more time.
  • First, knead a little yellow, green and white gum, and then shape the center of the flower on a flower wire bent into a hook. Arrange the stamens and fasten them with floral wire around the center of the flower. Thinly roll out the white gum, cut six petals, separate their edges and make a line in the middle. Join one end of the petals, like this. Roll into a flower, join, insert a small ball of the same color as the center of the flower into the bottom and leave it to dry (put it on something or better yet, fold the transparent foil into the desired shape). In the meantime, shape the buds and put them on the wire and make three notches on the buds. Shade them with green paint and powder. Also shade the dried open flower on the back at the junction with a little green powder, and on the inside with a little yellow, apply a little gummy glue in the middle and put it on the wire with a pestle and anthers, and leave to dry. Wrap the wires with floral ribbon and connect the flowers and buds, like this


alek decorations

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