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Cabbage with oyster mushrooms

I was wondering how kale would go well with oyster mushrooms so I went to experiment a bit. Who says kale can't be fine?

Preparation steps

  • Wash the kale, chop it finely, cut the potatoes into cubes and put to boil in a little salted water.
  • At that time, chop into small remaining vegetables and oyster mushrooms.
  • In another pan put the fried onions, then the carrots and celery. When slightly browned, add minced meat or finely chopped bacon / bacon. Finally add the oyster mushrooms.
  • When the kale is cooked, I mix it a bit with a stick mixer. But only larger pieces. Then put it in a paddle with fried mushrooms and vegetables. Mix everything and serve, for example, with imperial meat.


I did this for the first time today, I liked it but the second time I will try it with shitak. It seems to me that it will be better than with oyster mushrooms.


bukovace kale

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