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Bulgur salad with beans

Uhhh I haven't written a recipe in a long time .. Recently I wanted to try a new bulgur salad. I really like this type of salad a combination of cereal and legumes that can be a complete meal. I had a can that is a combination of 4 types of beans (white, red, large and chickpeas) so I put it .. and whoever makes it can choose one type or more ..

Preparation steps

  • Put bulgur in water ratio 1 to 3 and cook and drain. Drain the beans, chickpeas from the can, rinse a little and drain. Or cook as desired .. I usually use a can .. this time I had one where that whole mix is ​​expensive ..
  • Peel a squash, grate it and wash it like other vegetables. Peel a cucumber or not. Cut everything into cubes. Mix everything and pour over the dressing. Mix white vinegar, olive oil and spices .. for dressing


Cool a bit .. and serve as a main dish or with a side dish of meat, fish, etc ..


bulgur salads

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Macedonian and Bulgarian cuisine, if nothing else, have a common tarator, cold soup or liquid cucumber salad that mainly cools down hot summer days. Almost the same dish is eaten in Turkey, Iran and Albania.