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Bulgarian salad

A rich and refreshing cheese salad, and simple, I got the recipe at the Park Hotel in Sandanski (Bulgaria) where I had lunch. Instead of pictures from those trips of mine, I provide you with recipes, which have won me over. I was thrilled with this salad because I love the combination of cheese and walnuts. We call it Bulgarian salad at home, but in the original it is called "Salad to Mama Slavka".

Preparation steps

  • Crush the cheese with a fork, add milream, then add finely chopped leeks.
  • Add the coarsely chopped olives, in quarters.
  • Stir well and add oil and salt, if you like, maybe a little pepper.
  • Finally, the crushed walnuts are mixed.
  • I just chopped all the ingredients and mixed in the cheese and cream.


Serve with toasted toast and a glass of white wine. This can be a very quick and easy salad for surprise guests, you can vary the ingredients, put onions instead of leeks, add some peppers or tomatoes… ..


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