Rosa Cooking

Bulgarian roses

Old recipe for roses :)))

Preparation steps

  • Put a teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of yeast in lukewarm milk to add.
  • Mix the fat with a wooden spoon. Add butter and vanilla sugar and mix again. Add egg and egg yolks. When finely combined, add milk and mix. Gradually add flour and mix until the dough is soft. Cover with a cloth and leave to stand for 1-2 hours.
  • Whisk the egg whites. towards the end add sugar, stir a little more and add ground walnuts, and mix to combine.
  • Take a little dough and make a ball (the size of a ping-pong ball) and flatten it with your palms to get a circle shape. Place a little filling in the middle of the circle and fold the ends over the filling and crumple them on top with your fingers.
  • Place the resulting roses on baking paper. Bake until golden brown in a preheated oven at 200c (about 20min)
  • Sprinkle the cooled cookies with powdered sugar.


Instead of egg whites whipped with sugar and ground walnuts, you can use jam or grated apples with walnuts :)



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