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Bruschette Sunflower

Since extremely high temperatures begin, and thus parties, it is wisest to do something like a “fingersnack” when company comes to you. This is my version let’s say bruschetta, because the original recipe is different. The combination of seed with mozzarella is fantastic, and the tomato and cucumber refresh the whole combination.

Preparation steps

  • You only need a few ingredients for this recipe. I chose mozzarella from the cheese because it is much lighter than other cheeses. You also need bruschetta bread, it's available at Lidl, and you can make it yourself. One tomato (I made a big mistake here, try using a tomato from the plot anyway, because GMO is not cool), maybe even more tomatoes, depends on the quantity. One cucumber and sunflower seeds.
  • Cut the bruschetta into slices, also the mozzarella (although I ended up tearing it with my hands) and the tomato into small cubes. Season the tomato and put it in the fridge so that it is not too soft. I also suggest that the tomato be refrigerated before use because it is easier to slice and the texture is much better.
  • Scrape the mozzarella into pieces with your hands and fill over the bruschetta.
  • Bake the bruschetta in the oven, it can even be in the microwave if it has an upper heater (but not circular heating!). I didn’t use any utensils, I just baked them on this wooden tray.
  • Dip the seeds in the cheese, you can put the seeds under the cheese, but I'm not because I was afraid they would be too soft, they are so crunchy and feel.
  • Finally put a couple of slices of thinly sliced ​​cucumber and tomato over. I served them on the same wooden tray on which I baked them. Enjoy this very fine recipe and have fun !!!


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