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Bosnian Sauce

We often look for what our ancestors used to do a long time ago and it remains in our memory as one of the fond memories. It’s hard to replicate that taste, but when you discount it you’ll be glad. One of these is this Bosnian sauce that we often ate for breakfast as children. I hope you like it or take it back to some old times. Needed: 500ml of cold milk (preferably homemade, boiled, or any) 4 pcs Eggs 1/2 teaspoon salt (or optional) 20 grams butter 1 1/2 teaspoons flour

Preparation steps

  • Separate 20 grams of butter, put in a bowl, it can be a sieve or a pan, but a little deeper and not too big. Cook over medium heat, not over high heat because it will burn and you will not be able to control when it is done.
  • In one bowl, beat 4 pieces of eggs and salt.
  • In another bowl, put 500ml of cold milk and add flour, a tablespoon and a half. Whisk the flour and milk well so that there are no lumps. Not warm milk at all because lumps form.
  • When you have beaten both the eggs and the flour and milk, then assemble it in one of the bowls and whisk well.
  • When the butter has melted then add the mixture. You have to mix non-stop so that it does not burn, or does not bake like an omelet, but is always in a watery form.
  • You know it's over when it thickens, but not too much like polenta / turkey, but just before that so that it's a little thinner and can be dipped nicely, but not too watery because then it's not cooked enough.


Serve in slightly deeper bowls or plates and dip with bread, donuts or some other pastry, homemade bread goes best. Enjoy and enjoy!



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