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Bosnian developed olive grove

This is one of my favorite pies, as a child I always begged my grandmother to make it real for me, and she told me: "Dear child, you can't just eat dough all the time". And to me it is still "the dish". We call this "developed" olive oil, and the other type I know is "sour" olive oil and is made with yeast (hence this "sour"). This carnival, homemade cheese and cream and the feast can begin :-)

Preparation steps

  • Mix all types of flour, add salt and knead a softer dough with water, as for all pies (strudels). Divide into three parts and form three balls, coat them with oil and leave them to stand a little longer (about 1 hour, because black flour is harder to stretch than white). Meanwhile, over a low heat, melt the butter and cooking cream without boiling. When it has stood, take the first ball of dough and roll it out as much as you can, according to the method: roll out a larger circle with a rolling pin, coat it with oil, leave it to stand for about 10 minutes and then roll it out into noodles with your hands. Grease the stretched dough with a mixture of butter and cream, and fold so that first the right side is transferred to half of the noodles, then the left side to half, the lower part of the noodles to half (bottom to top) and the upper part of the noodles to half (from top to bottom), so to get the square. Grease, and now once more fold the corners of the square towards the middle in the form of a letter of pictures
  • Transfer to a baking sheet (ungreased!) And roll out another noodle. With another ball of dough, repeat the same procedure, stretch, grease, fold on all sides, grease, but without twisting the pieces. Now, on the rewound square, put the already prepared first noodle-letter in the middle, which we transferred to the baking tray, and only then fold the ends of the second noodle in the form of a letter of pictures.
  • Transfer both noodles back to the pan, and stretch the third noodle as the first two, grease, rewind in the form of a square, transfer the already rewound two noodles from the casserole in the middle and fold the ends of the third noodle on all sides nicely in the middle of the pictures. ”Come down and transfer to a greased pan. Spread the dough on the surface with the rest of the butter and cream mixture and place in a WELL-heated oven. After a minute or two, take it out of the oven and gently prick the dough with your fingers a little more towards the ends of the pictures, so that we form a circle. Bake the buttermilk first at 250 * C until it turns brown, then reduce to 220 * C and bake until done (it takes about 40 minutes, check for yourself, all depending on the oven). When the baked buttermilk is taken out of the pan, wrap it first in foil, and it in a cloth (so as not to smell the softeners, it happened to me once that the whole buttermilk smelled like Lenor :-)), wait a while to release and soften and then is to tear out (not cut with a knife, but to tear to pieces with your hands) image


Serve with salad, fresh homemade cheese, cream or in a sweet version with honey. It seems complicated to make, but it is not at all, whoever tries it, will be convinced :-)


appetizers benders olive grove pie

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