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Blueberry Brandy and blueberry wine

I toast you with blueberries ☼ Cheers and good health !!! Happy birthday Snježo (snowgirl-bih)) !! :)).… ♪ ♫ ♥ I hope you made a toast with it for your day and that you enjoyed it

Blueberry liqueur

The measures are approximate and everyone adds the amount of alcohol to their liking

Blueberry liqueur (Blueberry)

Finally my 100th recipe thank god :)))) This is a fine and gentle liqueur that is not too strong for cold winter days to warm up, or for an aperitif when cheerful company comes to you. And as for why it is gentle, because it is made with red wine and not with brandy. And this liqueur is special because the blueberries stay inside, so when you drink and when you feel the balls… ... mmmmmmm… have a smile on your face… ..a real beauty :))) ))

Brigitte's fruit wine

She was at a friend's house and she took out her miraculous bottle ...: D It was delicious .. We really enjoyed chatting and sipping this sweet drink. I think it’s the right time to share the recipe. Brigita thank you!