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Bolo rei- Portuguese Christmas cake

Here's the Christmas announcement! Every year I make a cake from another country, and this year from my favorite Portugal. It was there in supermarkets in mid-November, beautifully decorated and decorated with many other Portuguese Christmas delicacies. In addition to the royal cake, which means bolo rei, there is also the queen's cake and it differs from it only in some decoration less. It got its name because of the luxurious circle in which all possible jewels made of candied and dried fruit shine.

Preparation steps

  • chop dried and candied fruit and soak in a cup of port. chop the dried fruit. Separately, separate whole hazelnuts, almonds, pine nuts and dried and candied fruit for decoration.
  • Melt the yeast in a cup of lukewarm milk, add a little sugar and let it rise.
  • in a larger bowl, add the yeast, eggs, melted butter, grated lemon and orange zest, the rest of the sugar, flour, a little vanilla sugar and knead a soft dough. Leave to stand for two hours or until doubled. this is the dough as for any brioche.
  • when the cane has come, stir it once more, alternately adding drained fruit and hazelnuts, almonds and pine nuts to the mixture. form a wreath. put baking paper in the pan (mine was 026 in diameter). find a bowl or larger cup that you will line with baking paper and hold in the middle to form a circle. put a wreath around and press the sides. leave for an hour to rest.
  • beat the egg and coat the top of the dough and decorate as richly as possible. place in the oven and bake at 180 degrees or until nicely browned.
  • sprinkle with powdered sugar. cut into slices. the cake is not too sweet it can be eaten with butter and jam.
  • baked, before sprinkling with powdered sugar


cake christmas

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