Rosa Cooking

Black currant and raspberry syrup

I make this syrup every year, instead of black currant I sometimes add more (it is a hybrid of black currant and gooseberry)

Preparation steps

  • Chop the currants and raspberries in an electric chopper. Add water and limuntos and leave to stand for 48 hours in a cool place.
  • When it is standing, put the mass on the stove and heat it to boiling (when it is warm, it is better to squeeze the juice). Strain through a thick sieve and put 1 kg of sugar on each liter of the obtained liquid.
  • We do not cook the whole amount at once, because when we cook less, more vitamins will be retained. We take 2 liters of juice and 2 kg of sugar and cook just to throw away the key, remove the foam and pack it warm in warm bottles. Let's close well. Do the same with the rest of the juice.


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