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Berlin pie

here it is, the promise-fulfilled;))) for all the girls who asked me to set the recipe ... exquisite ,, as I wrote below one picture juicy and the longer it stands the better and tastier..ancient recipe, I have it for a long time rules and almost forgot that I have it .. thank all of you here dear cool friends, for messages, congratulations, nice photos, collages, for my birthday;)

Preparation steps

  • preparation of crispy dough into flour, with baking powder and a little salt, lightly crumble the butter with your fingers, add the beaten egg yolk with sugar, knead a smooth dough. cm.) and bake halfway at 180 degrees.
  • remove from the oven and coat with jam, spread the fillet with ground walnuts on it. preparation fillet ground walnuts pour boiling milk, mix sugar, rum and lemon juice, then immediately spread the cream over the fillet.
  • preparation of egg yolk cream mix with sugar, add flour with baking powder and a little salt, and lightly solid snow of beaten egg whites. return everything to the oven and bake at a temperature of 180 degrees, about 10 more. minute.
  • leave the baked pie to cool and decorate as desired.
  • the most beautiful is the second day, when it stays overnight (not in the fridge) but in a cold room (mine slept on the balcony).
  • another picture of this fine and simple antique crispy pie


I used homemade forest fruit jam, you can according to your wishes or taste, it is great with apricot jam ... I added 250g in the filling. ground walnuts, (because I prepared the pie for the guests' birthday, so that it would be "richer";)) enjoy!


cake walnuts

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