Rosa Cooking

Belgian chocolate cups

I got these chocolate cups as a gift from Cool88. Tonight I filled them with cream.

Preparation steps

  • Whisk the whipped cream well to get a solid mass. Mix the cheese, milk and sugar well. Add a spoonful by spoonful of the whipped cream mixture to the cheese mixture. Fill the cups with a syringe and decorate as desired.



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Black and yellow balls

The two-colored balls will provide a perfect visual atmosphere on the holiday table, while walnuts, grated chocolate and rum are in charge of the gourmet one. Keep the yellow mixture for the inside of the balls in the refrigerator and the balls will be easier to shape. The recipe was tried and adapted according to the original recipe from the collection of recipes "Cakes with Advent baskets" by members of the Croatian-Austrian Cultural Community from Varaždin.



The light and spongy texture of the rounded brioches goes best with hot drinks and sweet spreads. The word brioche itself comes from the Old French broyer which means to knead. So roll up your sleeves!

Caramel cake

Caramel cake

The soothing taste of caramel classifies it as comfort food - food that we comfort ourselves when our mood is not up to par. A very sweet cream with crunchy pieces of almonds is dressed in two layers of practical wafers.

Chocolate pralines

In some places, pralines are sweets made of almonds and caramelized sugar, but most often we consider pralines to be round chocolate bombs with or without filling… From Turin comes a recipe for pralines sprinkled with chocolate crumbs.


In honor of the ancient love of Empress Sissi and Emperor Francis Joseph, the small town of Bad Ischl is still visited by many tourists in search of love like that of the imperial couple. For comfort and sweet memories, they are usually left with only small sweet, chocolate-covered cookies.

Stars with hazelnuts

Can you imagine the Christmas and New Year euphoria without the fine star cookies? And we thought the answer would be “no,” so we decided to reveal all the secrets of delicious hazelnut stars to you. Don't keep them to yourself!