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Beetroot and orange drink

A natural multivitamin drink, a real sugar-free energy bomb. Just one glass a day will supply you with important vitamins, minerals and enzymes that raise energy levels, cleanse the body of toxins, help with weight loss .....

Preparation steps

  • In a multipractice (blender; stick mixer) put sliced ​​cleaned beets on smaller cubes, as well as peeled lemon and orange on cubes. Add water to cover the beetroot orange and lemon and add 1-2 tablespoons sm satvila two tablespoons (caps) of orange liqueur by ivonab and the sugar you use 8 I put brown muscovado.
  • In multipractice; turn on the strongest for 2-3 minutes until you get a thick drink and you can dilute it with water for thickening to make it thinner or thicker.
  • When served in nice decorative glasses with a little ice, it is more beautiful to the eye and it is nice when it cools down (warm is not nice to me, it means ice or chilled in the fridge).
  • Beetroot is very healthy for immunity as well, and here is one close-up picture and another


CIKLA is called a plant of "vitality", it is rich in folate, iron and magnesium, vitamin C and potassium, it is good in treating malaria, flu, regulating blood pressure, especially low, and has a beneficial effect on nerves and brain function. Beetroot is also useful in chemotherapy, in the treatment of anemia, especially in children and young people, and improves the work of the stomach, intestines and bile. Beetroot is also a very important food in the diet of vegetarians because it contains a certain amount of cobalt that participates in the production of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is found only in products of animal origin, while in vegetables it is mostly absent, it also contains iodine, which is valuable in the fight against atherosclerosis and in slowing down the aging process; therefore it is also recommended for the elderly. Due to the selenium content, beetroot is a food that has the property of remineralization and successfully resists premature aging and participates in the general cleansing of the body. It helps with anemia, improves memory and concentration, relieves premenstrual and menopausal problems, stimulates the lymphatic system and circulation. The medicinal value of beets has been known since ancient times and in ancient times only the leaves were used.


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