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Beans with Njegusi sausage Suggestion for lunch

A thousand similar ways to get ready - don't mind me presenting this Montenegrin one - the simplest possible. You have heard the saying: JUST LIKE BEANS. Where did it come from? Well, nothing is simpler than cooking beans :). And the rule really applies that it is always better the next day :), as in the saying: OLD LOVE, LIKE HEATED BEANS :) :) :)

Preparation steps

  • Beans (no matter if they are with dry ribs, bacon or sausage) are best cooked outside in a cauldron, in bulk. Only then is it real beans. At home, I cook it like this:
  • Leave the picked and washed beans overnight in water to soak.
  • the next day the water is spilled, the grains are already swollen and there is no need to throw away the first water during cooking.
  • I always cook it in an espresso pot - I chop the onion finely, I just peel the white onion, I cut the carrot into cubes, the Njegusi sausage into rings - we put all this, together with the grated beans, in the pot, we pour water to cover the ingredients well. the amount of water will greatly determine the density of the beans - later with a spray we can only adjust it. the beans themselves contain enough starch to thicken the mixture.
  • cook first on high heat, then reduce - all together for about an hour - and depends on the express pot.
  • Browned flour
  • put a spoonful of flour on the heated fat (in the pan), mix with a food processor to fry the flour a little - it should not turn yellow. put ale pepper on it, stir briefly and pour the hot spray over the hot beans.
  • let him toss two or three more keys. done.
  • just like beans!


We always cook a large amount of beans, then we eat half of them and freeze half of them. Hot peppers are sure to go with this kind of beans :) We also had a fresh beet salad yesterday. Pleasant!


beans lunch

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