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Basil pesto

The word basil comes from the Greek word basilicon, which means royal, and the Romans identified it with love and devotion, and believed that a man would forever love the woman from whom he received a sprig of basil, while in India they nurtured him as a symbol of welcome.

Preparation steps

  • Put a bunch of fresh basil with 1/2 dcl of olive oil in a blender
  • Add a handful of pine nuts (can be raw walnuts or almonds), salt to taste two cloves of garlic
  • Add half a cup of parmesan and blend to combine the mass. Dilute with a little water or a little more olive oil if desired. Add salt as needed and pour the juice of a quarter of a lemon


As a spread or with spaghetti



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Fish is excellent when swimming in wine, but also in a pesto of aromatic foods: rosemary, basil and parsley, garlic, parmesan and olive oil. If you serve boiled chard or potatoes with it, you have a winning combination.

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Fry the chicken steaks with pesto and enjoy delicious snacks. Serve with a salad of raw or boiled carrots. Sounds great!

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Gnocchi in green sauce

If you hear that gnocchi are “food for fools”, don’t take it personally! The name gnocchi refers to chefs who know how to cook only simple, tasteless dishes. Gnocchi are turned into a real delicacy with the help of delicious sauces!

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Minestrone alla genovese

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Stir the pesto into the ricotta instead of the pasta and serve on bread with the addition of fresh arugula and blackberries. A recipe tailored to the gourmet palate.