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Barat fulle

We used to call this dish a long time ago and FRATROVSKE USI I know, you can laugh freely he, he…., Whatever its name is, I grew up on this and today it is being prepared…, so please…

Preparation steps

  • knead a soft dough of flour, eggs and 2 dcl of water. Put the breadcrumbs to fry with 1 dcl of oil and when it is almost done, add a spoonful of sugar.
  • divide it into two balls.
  • develop into two large circles as much as possible, it should be so thin that when placed under a colorful cloth to provide sare.
  • now what follows the writer for one yupik the same should be repeated with another
  • fold one half over the other half to obtain the same size.
  • return to the whole circle and place a small teaspoon of jam on one half at a distance of 3 centimeters.
  • fold the other half.
  • press hard with your fingers between the jams to make the dough stick.
  • cut the cubes with a spatula.
  • put 4 liters of water to boil and when it boils, add one flat teaspoon of salt and a little oil
  • put all the dough to cook, cook for a good five minutes
  • Arrange a little breadcrumbs in the pan and put the dough on it
  • repeat all this with another yupik
  • when the second dough is cooked, sprinkle it again on the previous pretzel and arrange the other part of the dough and the pretzel again


-maybe the recipe seems very complicated, but believe me it's harder to explain than to do everything! -I hope I explained well enough, with the help of pictures everything is easier procedure 1:


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