Rosa Cooking

Banat Sunday lunch

I, to my heart, am not quite authentic "Sosa", but it doesn't bother me at all that I like the local customs, cuisine and people…

Preparation steps

  • Put beef and bone in an espresso pot and cook well. Pick up the foam, then add the chicken trimmings, greens, spices and onion in the shell, cut in half, which you previously baked on the hob. Cook the soup so that the meat is "like a soul". Strain and cook the noodles. If you are not used to making noodles, buy them at the market. I buy from local Slovak women who are unsurpassed in mixing various pasta. (But they are a little wider.) Boil the potatoes in their skins, rinse in cold water, peel and serve next to the beret, then pour a crumb of melted butter over it and add salt. Put a little oil and a piece of butter in the sherpa, let the flour simmer, then pour in the milk with the obligatory mixing and add the horseradish that you (your husband) grated, and then the spices. Just in case, cook the tomato sauce. Maybe the "red" sauce will be eaten with beret, and the "white" with fried. When the ball is on, let it be on the farm! ;) Pour a little over the potatoes and beret, and serve the rest in a bowl next to it. If you have little meat, sprinkle them with steak and "white" in a flour and beer dish. Choose the salad yourself: beets with cumin and rhubarb, pickles, pepperoni… In addition, hot white bread. And yes: with lunch sip a cold spritzer or beer that has overtaken you from the breading. And while you are resting with the "search of events" from the past week, boil the noodles in boiling water with a crumb of salt and oil, strain and mix in large quantities poppy seeds steamed in a little milk, well sugared. Just in case, prepare walnuts, if someone ("God forbid they don't like poppies")! Lunch is over. Serve donuts in the room before your sweetheart takes a nap. I gave you a recipe for donuts last week.
  • ... for something long in Banat, it is said: "Debt like Crepaja noodles!" ;)
  • ... You can't imagine Banat lunch without at least two sauces ... so who likes ... and everyone likes everything mostly;)
  • ... "tomato sauce, boiled potatoes ..."
  • Baretina from soup with sauce ... it comes to him as "čalabrc" after soup ...;)


Pleasant! Ah, I almost forgot: if your housemates are so hungry that they can’t wait for lunch, give them a piece of bread and fat with salt and allspice… It comes to him like a cold appetizer! ;)


lunch mother

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