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Balaban kebap / Eskişehiri region

Balaban kebab is another traditional Turkish kebab from Eskişehiri, the capital of the province of the same name in Turkey. Enjoy a fine kebab.

Preparation steps

  • Knead the meat: Put the bread that you have peeled from the crust in a bowl. Cut it into cubes. Drizzle it with a little warm milk. Let the bread soften. Squeeze it by squeezing to squeeze out the excess liquid. Add the meat to the bowl, stir it by hand to crush any lumps, add the drained bread, Peel a medium onion and grate it into the meat with currants, do the same with the garlic. Add spices, salt, pepper, baking soda, vinegar and sugar. Add vinegar so that the meat does not oxidize, sugar gives a balance in taste and with baking soda allows the meat to be light and soft. Mix the meat by hand like a dough, rolling it up. Close the meat with a transparent foil. Put it in the fridge / the meat should be left to stand for at least the whole night. Form oblong meatballs, Bake them on the grill / grill or in a dry pan.
  • Prepare the tomato sauce / homemade sauce: Heat the butter with a stream of oil, add the peeled tomatoes, tomato concentrate, salt, sugar and hot pepper and simmer until everything thickens slightly. Strain with a stick mixer. / Of course if you are working with fresh tomatoes grate it on currants, the rest of the procedure is the same /. As for bread, choose soft buns, pide, lavas, etc., which you cut into fetishes, pour melted butter over them. Yogurt sauce is simple, thick / firm / Greek yogurt just lightly salt
  • Arrange the kebab: Put the sliced ​​bread on top and pour over the melted butter. Put the tomato sauce, arrange the meatballs, pour over the yoghurt. Serve with onions, roasted peppers, pepperoni, etc.



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