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Baklava with sour milk

This is baklava for beginners..That's what it says in my first volume of recipes :)) It was the first baklava I made… Later I made others, but this one is my favorite and quick… I remember going, mostly on Sundays, from neighbors to neighbors, and made them this sweet… They were grandmothers, already in their late years, and they learned to end Sunday lunch with something sweet :))) They are long gone, but the memories remain :))

Preparation steps

  • Beat eggs with sour milk, add sugar, oil and baking powder and combine everything well in the crust coating mixture.
  • The pie crust needs 16 pieces, and for each strudel take 4 crusts.
  • Coat the first crust with the topping, put the second crust from the polyvin of this crust, coat it with the topping, put the third crust from half of that crust again, coat with the topping and so add the fourth crust, coat it and roll all the crusts into a strudel. You must not compress the crust when rolling it into a strudel. Do the same with the other crusts and put all the strudels in an oiled pan.
  • Cut the strudels into the desired piece, pour over the remaining topping and place in a preheated oven at 200 degrees. Bake until yellow.
  • Boil the syrup from water and sugar, cool it, add lumen juice and pour over warm baklava.
  • Leave the baklava in the tin to absorb the syrup well, cool it and serve…
  • ARasic


Later, I added ground walnuts and coconut flour to this baklava, but this is the most beautiful for me .. :)))


baklava pie

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