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Baked Polenta with Herring in Mustard Sauce

I went to make a proja, but it turned out something completely different =) Add a little more of that, a little of this, and here is a very tasty lunch! I always thought polenta went best with chicken, but I can tell you I like it better with fish… Bon Appetit!

Preparation steps

  • Baked Polenta: It is made in the same way as proja. The difference is that polenta is used instead of corn flour (I also used olive oil, not usually).
  • Herring: 1. Cut the fillets into small pieces and drain them. 2. Mix mustard, sugar and vinegar in a separate bowl. 3. Add oil, drop by drop, to the mustard mixture and mix in the chopped dill. 4. Season and add pieces of herring.
  • Serve with a little dried basil


Polenta and herring can also be served with vinaigrette rouge and cabbage salad, this combination is the best for me =)


dinner fish herring lunch mustard polenta salty

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Pelmeni or Siberian ravioli are a Russian version of an Italian specialty, although originally of Mongolian origin. Once the food of Siberian hunters, today this "all-Russian" delicacy has become part of the menu of fashionable Russian restaurants.