Rosa Cooking


I have seen a lot of recipes here on the same topic, with a different name and different ingredients. I've been preparing like this for years ... and what can we say, they are fantastic ... I hope it will be for someone else.

Preparation steps

  • The method of preparation is very simple. He cannot fail, so to speak. The only condition is that you like almonds or almonds. Only then would the name be a bit silly - almond-
  • Before starting it is necessary to chop the almonds into smaller slices, do not grind them. It is better to work by hand than in a chopper .... almond slices look more effective than crumbs. As you like ... Of course you can peel almonds and only then chop ... I don't do that, I prefer them like this.
  • Beat eggs with sugar and vanilla sugar, add flour little by little until everything is used up. Finally add the almonds and lemon zest. It is best to add it by hand, not with a mixer.
  • And that's it. Shape the breadcrumbs, place in a baking tray (I use a baking tray for this amount). Bake, being careful not to overcook. Immediately hot cut into thin slices. If they get cold you will have a hard time cutting them because they crack. You can sprinkle them with powdered sugar .... I never sprinkle them for home use ... only if I give them away ...


Enjoy snacking ... with coffee, tea ..... before meals, after, while cooking lunch .... they disappear and of course you gain weight ... but what will I do when I love them



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