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An old recipe from a purchase notebook. My first bajadera, which impressed me a lot at the time, now with small changes. There are a lot of them, so here is another similar one in the selection, maybe someone will find it ... :)


Sometimes we have simple and very effective solutions in front of our noses, and we don't see them. Nylon freezer bags are a key "ingredient" in these bajaderas. They serve us to align the layers individually and stack them very neatly on top of each other. All you have to do is find these larger 3 l bags, measuring 24 x 30 cm. And follow the instructions :) These beauties from the cover picture were made by Dade, who also taught me all the secrets about preparation and cutting, and which I am now telling you in detail. In the other pictures are my bajaderas, which I made in this way for the first time, and with which I am, needless to say, extremely satisfied.


even though my mother's notebook said marzipan, and I transcribed it that way, this has always been a bajadera for me ... with the proviso that she experienced a tiny makeover;)

Bajadera - 150 gr

When I needed this recipe I couldn't find it on coolki - there are 300 of them. It was urgent for me. I searched as much as I could and eventually found it, but in Kevin's old notebook, she quickly wrote it down, almost illegibly. I know that it is somewhere and that is why I wrote in the title "150 gr" to distinguish it from others. I’m probably repeating it now but I just have to.

Bajadera bombs

Bajadera, but in a different form. I made it for the New Year. and we liked them. Rp. is from the magazine CAKES AND CAKES .I made 1/2 dose and it came out a lot (I mean about 30).

Bajadera cake

I got the recipe from my godmother. Similar may already exist, but you should try this as well

Bajadera, really good :)

Just made :) My sister's recipe ... I had to share it with you :) The only bajodera I can eat more than one piece ... Lovely, juicy, without overdoing it with sugar, it melts in your mouth ... Great :)

Bajadera's rights

I figured out how to make a real bajadera for a long time, and then I found a recipe in a cookbook. I changed the layers a bit this time, just to try all the variants

Bajadera triangles

The rule was for Em4e, then for Aleksandra, and in the end it is known about her son Filip. And in order to differ in shape from the coconut bajadera, triangles were formed

Bajadera with wafer

I have been making bajadera according to this recipe for many years, and I got it from a colleague, a cook by profession.


I believe we all have some recipe for this type of cake. This recipe is so simple and the cakes so delicious that I never had the need to make it according to any other recipe.



like real Kras bajadera ...

Bajdera with caramel candies

It seems to me that a recipe like this has not been published yet ... very simple, fast and delicious ... I hope you like it

Bela -limun bajadera -

My 300th recipe, I give it to you from the bottom of my heart :)))

Caramel bajadera

My 200th recipe! A cake that is always the first to be noticed on the tray ... a cake that immediately wins everyone! The recipe everyone is looking for. And I got the recipe a couple of years ago from our MARIJANAC80 .... I also got the green light from her to publish it :) Marijana, thank you very much for the wonderful recipe!

Caramel bajadera

So simple, and so delicious. Try it, you won't regret it for sure.: D