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Bajadera "maternity hospital"

It’s called “Maternity” because I got the prescription from one lady who was with me in the same room at the maternity ward, then when I gave birth to my daughter! Despite all the advice that it is not good for us to eat cakes with walnuts and chocolate so as not to harm the babies, we had a good meal and so immediately got our children used to all the sweets of chocolate and walnuts!

Preparation steps

  • Melt water, sugar and margarine on the fire.
  • Stir ground walnuts and biscuits into the dissolved mixture. Halve the mixture and in one half while it is still warm, melt the cooking chocolate.
  • Spread the wafer sheets (grease the side with the larger holes) by first spreading the light mixture over the wafer, then placing the second sheet on it, then stretching the dark mixture and covering with the third sheet. The back leaf should have smaller holes facing outwards. Place on a flat surface (I put it in the oven tin) and load it with something all over the surface of the sheet.
  • Let it stand for at least a day, so that the leaves and the mixture bond well.


Then cut into cubes or sticks, as desired. They are very grateful, because they can be prepared much earlier and have an almost unlimited shelf life. Another look


njamicc oblande oblate

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Festive dry cookies look very lovely: wafer circles are combined with a rich mixture, and the top of each Florentine is adorned with candied cherries. We have also heard that they act as drivers of good mood. Try it!

Grilled slabs

Grilled slabs

Crispy grilled in cream cream wafers are sweet to the walnut cakes. In this dessert, their taste and structure are preserved, and the rich, very sweet taste of grilaž-ploški acts as a perfect contrast to the bitter black coffee.


The dessert in the form of a miniature imitation of a beehive, and with its taste really delicious and honey, marked the home baking of the cake. Combinations of hives with dark and light fillings are common.

Karlsbader wafer cake

Karlsbader wafer cake

Waffles are always welcome in the preparation of cakes and pastries. In addition to good taste, they are characterized by simplicity and speed of preparation. Form the wafers with the help of a round mold, spread with cream and sprinkle with hazelnuts. The recipe was tried and adapted according to the original recipe from the book Es hat Ihm sehr geschmeckt - Aus der Küche und dem Leben der Katharina Schratt by Basche Batorska.

Lemon slices

Wafers are loved by many, but they do not dare to prepare them as if it were complicated. Moreover, it is very simple, you just have to dare: prepare the cream, coat, stack, leave it standing loaded - where are those thick books? - and slice nicely.

Pissinger cake

Pissinger cake

Oskar Pischinger, a native of Vienna, learned about the art of preparing sweets from his father Leopold, who founded a confectionery company in 1852. Around 1880, he created the famous Pischinger Torte for which the original recipe was kept in the family.

Roll with almonds

The breath of the Mediterranean from almonds, the sweetness of the sun trapped in raisins and the freshness of lemon peel are just a fraction of the recipe. If you want to know more (which we have no doubt about), research the whole recipe. That, we assume, won't be so hard for you.