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Australian unleavened bread by Lorraine Pascale

Why not have fine bread in half an hour. Lorrain Pacale and wonderful bread with crispy crust. If you happen to need it during the holidays in a hurry.

Preparation steps

  • Knead the dough: Chop the rosemary very finely. Of course, if you don't like rosemary, you can replace it with thyme. Put the flour in a bowl / if you wish, you can sift it before / add baking powder and mix well. Add salt again, stir briefly. Add olive oil, chopped rosemary, gradually mix water as needed, add a little more water. Knead a dough of medium hardness.
  • Finely chop the olives. Spread the dough lightly in a circle and put the olives, mix to connect everything. If you do not want and do not like olives, feel free to skip this part.
  • Roll out the bread into a circle, pressing with a wooden spoon to get to get eight pieces / feta as in the picture. Bake the bread in a preheated oven at 200C / 30min.


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