Rosa Cooking

Aromatic lemon candlesticks

Summer evenings are nicely enriched with a simple, aromatic table arrangement, such as these lemon candlesticks, simple to make, and a pleasant smell and look.

Preparation steps

  • Cut the lemons in half, scoop them out with a spoon, save the juice, pour water into a bowl, add a little lemon juice, and a few drops of aromatic oil as desired (summer airy scents), put the lemons on water, put onions in them, and for a better impression a couple of rose petals, light the harbors and enjoy.


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An apple dip

If you don’t know what to offer cheerful company with, here’s a good idea. The spicy apple dip is very easy to prepare. Serve it in a nice bowl with sticks of cooked ham, toasted bun or tacos. All you have to do is sit down together and enjoy the dip.

Fruit sombrero

Enchant your little gathered Mexicans with a real Mexican dessert, fruity Mexican hats. Your toddler’s friends will be impressed.

Green horseradish sauce

Green horseradish sauce

If breaded hake is a frequent guest at your table, you will make a special combination with green horseradish sauce. If you also like the intense and distinctive taste of horseradish and spinach, you are well on your way to having all your gourmet wishes fulfilled.

Pasta with walnuts and cardamom

The fragrant mixture of spices made of cardamom, cinnamon and cloves will give a new meaning to pasta with walnuts. The addition of apple cubes will add a touch of freshness to it.

Shrimp dumplings

Fried shrimp dumplings, which even the strongest characters will not resist, are often part of the menu of Chinese restaurants, and you will prepare them in a very short time and with very little culinary skill.


Surfing culture is full of colors, joy, colors and laughter - just like a child's birthday! So prepare colorful edible surfboards for your little guests and watch the winds of laughter carry them straight into their bellies.

Vegetarian fritters

Vegetarian fritters

If you are a vegetarian or just love vegetables; if the market offers seasonal abundance or you need to clean the refrigerator; if you want vegetables instead of meat - prepare these fritters.

White fish with orange sauce and vegetables

If sometimes it seemed to you that too much ingredients and time were spent on a dish, this is definitely not the case. The final taste is worth each procedure and each of the number of ingredients.