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Apple flake tea-tea against insomnia

Does anyone remember those pictures of me from early autumn and the idea to use fallen, unsprayed, slightly rotten apples ?? If not, then nothing, I'll put that picture as the main picture of this recipe ... and write down what I found in Rudolf Broys' book about anti-insomnia tea. how once, when he was little, his parents and probably others, only they ate the apple and gave the children a peel .... my sister and I marveled at their selfishness because at the time of our growing up it was meant that children were given always and only it's best to give what you have very little ... for example, I remember that my mother didn't like bananas at all then ... and now (that is, I realized that even earlier) I know exactly what that meant .... then I came across this text and I think I only now realized how much knowledge and wisdom our ancestors had and how much was their wealth in coexistence with nature ....

Preparation steps

  • I am transcribing literally from the book: "Against insomnia, one should drink one or more cups of apple peel tea in the evening. Tea can be drunk hot or cold. This tea strengthens the nerves and is a real enzyme of life for them." He goes on to say "It is my belief that there would never be an argument in the family, at home and with the neighbors if all people drank apple peel tea every night. Apple peels are boiled for up to 6 minutes. Who wants sweet tea, can cook it with with crystal sugar. Dried apple peels have the same value after 10 years as fresh ones. They never dry completely, are always moist under the fingers and never take on a gray color. "
  • I made my juice-tea from whole, fresh apples ... now I guess it's the same as dry apple peel, but if anyone knows more about it, it would be nice to share their knowledge with us.


Mostly when mm eats his dose of unsprayed native apples in the evening ... tea follows me, although I really don't have insomnia :-) :-)


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