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Another Lika steak :)

I don't know why they are Lika ... My grandmother made them like this and called them like this, so let it be like that ... I know that they are originally baked in wine, but this recipe is without wine, because kids eat it too.

Preparation steps

  • Coat the steak with mustard, season with and pepper. Beat the breadcrumbs into the steak with a meat hammer, but slowly, gradually sprinkling the breadcrumbs between strokes, and when the breadcrumbs are slightly crushed, beat them regularly (on both sides).
  • Whisk the eggs for frying (I always add a little milk), then roll the steak in the eggs and breadcrumbs. Heat the oil and fry the steaks until they turn slightly yellow.
  • While you are cooking the steak, put half a liter of water to boil in order to cook one beef cube for the soup.
  • Arrange the steaks in a fireproof dish, sprinkle them with chopped garlic and primrose, then pour over half of the soup and let them soak a little. Tip: in order for the steaks to soak enough, only when you pour them over, turn on the oven to warm up (at 180-200C), that will be enough time. Before you put the steaks to simmer in the oven, pour them with the rest of the soup. It takes 30-40 minutes to bake them!


Serve with boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes and with a seasonal salad


always sniceli snicle

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