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Anka's biscuit cake

A wonderful and simple recipe, I will give it to the beautiful Lady, our Anka ... so much warmth and kindness in one place ... Happy birthday to you, my friend, thank you for everything.

Preparation steps

  • Since I don't want to write two recipes, I immediately put a recipe for two creams, which I often put on biscuits. This yellow and chocolate filling and you decide which one to make. So sometimes yellow, sometimes chocolate. In the picture it is yellow.
  • Cream: whisk eggs and sugar with a mixer and add one tablespoon of density and put on steam. Below boiling water and cream in another bowl above and mix slowly until it thickens. Wait for the filling to cool. You can put margarine in the cream but I added 1dc whipped cream that I whipped well and fillet added spoon by spoon to t.cream.Add a few drops of rum aroma.
  • Cream 2: separate a little milk and mix the pudding into it. Add three egg yolks and mix. Bring the rest of the milk to a boil, add the pudding and eggs, and mix until it thickens. bind.Let it cool.
  • Separately mix the powdered sugar with the margarine, and add the cream and mix it all together well. I was making this yellow filling and I wanted more stangle so I folded 4 × 5 rows of biscuits. I dipped each biscuit in 2 dc of brewed coffee. but the chocolate part and the icing.


Well the fillings and the cake have to cool down. When I make chocolate cream, I dip it in milk. It doesn't come out enough so a bigger cake can be. Pleasant


cake fiiinooo tartlet unbaked

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