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An old recipe for real Macedonian ajvar

It is known that the best ajvar is made in Macedonia. Real ajvar is made only from peppers. If you add tomatoes and hot peppers to peppers, it is ljutenka, if you add eggplant, carrots, it is pindzur in our country. oil, salt, vinegar and a little sugar. Now I will write you the measures for the ideal ajvar without mistakes. I made it on weekends, took advantage of the warm weather.

Preparation steps

  • I made 25 kg of peppers. Adjust the ingredients according to the amount of peppers.
  • I always buy medium-sized peppers, not the big ones, they are very fleshy because they contain many. water.Here is a picture of what the peppers I use look like
  • Wash the peppers well, wipe them and put them to bake. Roast them well on all sides and put them in nylon bags to make them easier to peel. When you have finished baking, peel the peppers and clean the seeds well. drain overnight.
  • The next day, grind the drained peppers on a grinding machine. I grind them larger so the ajvar is better. When you have finished grinding the peppers, oil a little sickle and put the peppers in a frying pan. to heat well. While the oil is heating, you mix the peppers in a skillet over medium-high heat, it takes about 20 minutes. Then pour the heated oil over the peppers and stir all the time over medium heat. The ajvar should be fried for 2 to 3 hours from the first I fried it for 2 hours. The time of frying ajvar depends on several factors: the amount of peppers, the intensity of the fire, the type of peppers and the amount of water in them, so it is important that the peppers are well drained.
  • Half an hour before the end of frying, put the jars in the oven at 100C. Just before the end of frying, add salt, sugar and vinegar and pour the hot ajvar into the hot jars. Close the jars well with a clean lids and return to the oven at 75C for another 1 hour. Leave the jars in the closed oven until completely cooled.
  • If you want spicy hot ajvar, add 1 kg of hot peppers to 25 kg of peppers. I made 25 kg of ordinary peppers and 25 kg of hot ajvar. From 25 kg of peppers I got 9 jars of ajvar
  • Tip: never fry more than 25 kg of peppers at once, because you will suffer, the ajvar will splash a lot, it will not be well fried.


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