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Alva of semolina-chalvas simigdalenios

So when the main dish is of Greek origin, it is time for the dessert to be from the same country. When I go to Greece to the sea, I physically do not have enough days to try everything from their kitchen that I would like. Then I buy a book in the breath of Greece and transfer it to my kitchen.

Preparation steps

  • Put sugar, lemon peel, cinnamon stick and cloves in the water, and cook for about 5 minutes from the moment it boils. Remove aromatic additives.
  • Put oil in a deep pan to heat and pour semolina into it. Stirring constantly, fry the semolina on a medium heat. Add almonds and sesame seeds and fry them until golden brown.
  • Remove the sherpa from the heat and carefully pour the hot syrup into the semolina. Put the sherpa back on the fire, reduce the temperature to a minimum, and continue stirring, cook the semolina until it "grows" and absorbs all the syrup.
  • Pour the alva into one larger or more smaller molds and sprinkle with cinnamon. Serve hot or cold.


This recipe is a traditional recipe for making alva, which housewives remember as the recipe “1 2 3 4” which means: 1 cup of msalnin oil, 2 cups of semolina, 3 cups of sugar and 4 cups of water. I also had a real big Greek semolina, so everything was as it should be.


alva fasting halva

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