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Aanjahh ice cream ..

Beautiful, creamy, quick to prepare, with countless different flavors… ..try and enjoy… ..

Preparation steps

  • First part: Beat the egg yolks with the sugar and add the well-beaten butter or room temperature margarine and equalize the mass.
  • Second part: Whisk the egg whites separately, then gradually add about 5 teaspoons of whipped cream (or about 3 bags of whipped cream) and stir gently until you get a very firm mixture.
  • Then add the egg whites and whipped cream to the egg mixture and mix well.
  • Now divide the meat into two parts and add some of the above to each, or create the desired taste according to your own wishes!
  • Put each of the two obtained ice creams in a plastic container and in the freezer.
  • From this amount, he gets less than 2 liters of ice cream.


If fruit flavors are made, it is easier to achieve them by adding extracts and especially chopped fruit, but then it must be borne in mind that when whipping egg whites, more powder must be added because the fruit releases a lot of water that tends to crystallize!


ice cream

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