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A roll of sea bass on mashed potatoes and fennel

Interested in the very title of the recipe? White fish fillets wrapped in carrots and zucchini, topped with sauce and served with mashed potatoes and fennel. Mmmm. Recommendation - definitely try.

Preparation steps

  • Sprinkle sea bass fillets with Natur for fish, drizzle with olive oil and let marinate for about an hour.
  • Place sliced ​​carrots and zucchini on the fillets, fold into a roll and fasten with toothpicks.
  • In 500 ml of boiling water put the remaining oil, sliced ​​garlic, salt and lemon juice. Put the rolls in boiling water and cook on low heat for about 10 minutes.
  • Slice the potatoes and fennel, cook in salted water and drain. Add butter to the vegetables and puree hot.
  • Boil chard leaves in salted water.
  • Preparethesauce by adding crushed garlic to the oil, cover with the stock where the fish was cooked, stir in the corn starch mixed with the cream and boil briefly. Add salt to the sauce if necessary, and you can add lemon juice if desired.


Pour the sauce over the warm fish rolls and serve with a bowl-shaped chard side dish (round shape obtained with the help of a mold) filled with mashed potatoes and fennel.


You can use fillets of some other white fish instead of sea bass.


fennel fish foundation garlic mangel purée sauces sea ​​bass vegetables zucchini

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