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A cunning pie

Ever since I’ve been on the UN diet, I’ve been making this pie every UH day. :) My housemates really liked it. You can also enjoy it during fasting.

Preparation steps

  • Cut the onion into ribs and sauté in oil for a while. You can salt it to soften it quickly. Add chopped leeks and spring onions, continue to simmer.
  • If you put mushrooms, cut them into leaves and add. Season to taste. I put salt, pepper (I currently have peppercorns with flowers, so I grind them directly on vegetables), turmeric, chives.
  • Cut the chard into strips, and when the onion has softened, add it to the pan and sauté everything a little more. Finally, mix in the capers if you wish. I like the combination, but the pie is great without it. They are inclined to spore.
  • My crusts are very thin and there are usually about 20 of them in the package, and I have 5 rolls in the tray, so I separate 4 crusts for each roll. You arrange according to your measurements.
  • 4 crusts put on top of each other — I don’t coat them with anything. Put the filling on the fourth crust. Arrange the filling to have for as many rolls as you can get depending on the number of crusts and their thickness. Roll up and place in a greased pan. Repeat until you have used up the material.
  • When you have stacked the rolls in a baking tray, cut them into pieces of the desired size. For the topping, mix the oil and water. (I mostly put in the olive oil, and the last time I put in the truffle oil.) Pour the pie evenly and let it stand while the oven heats up. Then turn the oven to 200 degrees. When it heats up, add the pie and bake until nicely browned.


leek pie

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