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A cake called Memories

... time is a wonderful stonemason who shapes every moment and every memory, calms -and happiness and pain… So this cake, full of strong flavors of roasted hazelnuts, caramel and vanilla, transforms into a gentle light magic. In the end, you are not sure which ingredient stirred your senses, what threw you off your feet, but one thing is for sure - a mysterious cake called Memories will be etched in your memory for a long time…

Preparation steps

  • It is necessary to prepare three crusts, it is easier and safer for me to prepare them separately, and if you decide to prepare one crust, simply multiply all the ingredients by three.
  • Separate the egg yolks and egg whites and whisk the egg whites with a little salt into a firm stock. Whisk the egg yolks and sugar separately, and when you get a light smooth cream, add flour and baking powder. Lightly combine the egg whites and egg yolks, then add the roasted ground hazelnuts and mix everything slowly by hand. Cover the cake tin (30 cm) with baking paper or oil, then pour the whipped crust and bake for about 15 minutes at 220C. Check it with a toothpick, then take it out to cool and repeat two more times.
  • Whisk 1 margarine with bourbon vanilla. Separately whisk 3 vanilla whipped cream with milk and combine with margarine.
  • The caramel used is too large and will pass from a third to a half, but it can stay in the fridge for a long time and you can use it for many other purposes. As it needs a little longer cooling, I recommend that you prepare it first or use the one saved a few days ago
  • Put the sugar on a medium heat to caramelize. Stir constantly, to get a nice brown syrup without lumps. Remove from the heat and add a tablespoon of margarine, about 30 g and a pinch of salt.
  • Then add warm (heat it to before boiling) sweet sour cream, return to the cola and cook for a few more minutes until you get the density of the syrup to stir, then remove to cool slightly. When it cools, you get caramel that is on the border of solid and liquid, about like Eurocream. If you need a liquid, simply put a jar of caramel in warm water, stir after two minutes and it will be like honey.
  • And finally, let's put the cake together. Each cooled crust should first be coated with caramel, with about three spoons. The layer should not be too thick or leaking. Apply a quarter of the filling over the caramel and spread it slowly. Fold in the second crust and repeat the process, and again all the same the third time. The filling will remain just enough to coat the sides as well, and you can also separate the part for decorating with a syringe.
  • This time I melted a little chocolate with milk and oil, so she poured the cooled one into the middle of the cake and then stretched it towards the rim with the background of a coffee spoon, in order to get a ‘star’. I sprinkled some more chocolate crumbs and beads, and streaked the side edges with a fork… and my cake was tender as a flake that melts easily leaving behind only a memory…


caramel hazel

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