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A bowl full of health :)

This sumptuous spring salad will brighten your day - rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it will drive away even the slightest hint of spring fatigue. Needless to say, it is supersuperfine. ;)

A bowl full of health :)

Preparation steps

  • Prepare the dressing: squeeze the lemon juice and mix it with olive oil, a little water and salt as needed.
  • Clean and wash the vegetables well. If necessary, tear the chicory and dandelion into suitable pieces. Cut tomatoes (here into 1/2), onions (into rings) and radishes (into thinner rings). Grate the cheese into thin slices.
  • Add sliced ​​vegetables to the radicchio and dandelion, pour over the dressing and mix gently. Arrange in portions as desired, sprinkle with cheese flakes and serve immediately.


A glass of fine white wine goes well with this salad.


light made radic radishes salads spring tomato

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