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3in1 roll

... three creams in three wafers… ...

3in1 roll

Preparation steps

  • Cream 1: Boil the margarine, cream and chocolate, remove from the heat and knead the biscuits, if it is too thick add a little lukewarm milk. Divide the cream into two parts.
  • For cream 2; pour a little hot milk over the walnuts and mix into the cream.
  • Cream 3: same procedure as for cream 1 and add more nutella.
  • Before use, wrap the wafers with wet cloths to soften them - they will not crack and bend nicely.
  • Put one wafer and cream 1, then cover with another wafer and spread cream 3, cover with the third wafer and cream 2, carefully fold into a firm roll. Put in the fridge to squeeze everything for about 2 hours.


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