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3D cake - a nest and a bird on a branch

Another example of how to make a 3D creamy soft cake - gumpy on the outside, chocolate on the inside and then you can arrange it as you wish.

Preparation steps

  • Earlier, make gummy flowers and leaves, then connect with floral wire and make a branch. For the two support branches that the bird will rely on, you need three # 18 thicker wires. For birds and birds, shape the body from crumpled aluminum foil (so it will be lighter when it dries, shape small birds from a mixture of fondant + gumpasta 1: 1, and a large bird from artist soft cold porcelain that is not edible, but is very light what you need If you use a wooden structure screwed into the base, then the weight of the bird can be used, if the whole branch is held only by a rubber-glued base, then the bird should be as light as possible, and it should be attached to the branch with wire (bird's legs). royal icing on the tail.While drying and transferring the cake to serving, place the crumpled aluminum foil under the branch to prevent it from breaking.For the nest, wrap the bowl with several layers of cling film and then coat with gum and allow to dry well (a day or two) ) and then pull out the bowl (several layers of foil to make it easier to achieve) and leave it to dry on the inside for another day.Then make a nest on the resulting rubber bowl from the rolled mass of gum + fondant 1: 1. Allow to dry and then paint with edible paint. Attach the nest to the substrate with royal icing. Place the crumpled aluminum foil in the nest and then make a “lid” of rubber for the top of the nest and when it dries on both sides put the rolled fondant on top on top: gump 1: 1 to shape the nest. On the base next to the brown gum nest, shape the lower part of the branch and attach it to the base and leave it to dry well. Using a branch wire, just drill a hole in the middle (slightly larger) but do not place the branch until the base is dry. When dry, put a little gummy glue (gummy + hot water) and fresh gummy in a drilled hole in the base and insert the branch and let it dry (backing with crumpled aluminum foil). If necessary, paint the dried one brown so that it does not differ from the color of the flower wire for the branch. Paste a message of your choice from the cut letters on the background.
  • Before stacking the cake, coat the inside of the nest and lid with melted chocolate as shown. Chocolate is necessary as a barrier between sweet cream and gummy, otherwise the gummy would soften from moisture and would not hold its shape. Whisk a plain 3-egg biscuit (the density is softer) in the shape of a thin rectangular crust, then cut the shapes as needed, and when it cools, arrange the layers in the nest - the biscuit soaked in raspberry juice, raspberries, sweet cream, and once again goes to the top ganache cream because there will be a small gap between the lid and the sides of the nest that will need to be masked with fondant + gumpy mixture (in the same way you covered the nest). Attach small birds to the finished cake (you can use royal icing, melted chocolate or gummy).



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