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3-ingredient chocolate puff cake - The best quick cake ever?

Chocolate puff cake, this is a quick cake with puff pastry and amazing nutella chocolate cream, perhaps the finest I’ve ever made. See also the recipe video:

Preparation steps

  • See the detailed preparation in the video:
  • Prepare 3 sheets of puff pastry (you can determine the thickness yourself, I use already rolled out) about 20X20 cm, freely expand up to 22. Gently bake the sheets and when they cool, divide each in half (shown in the video). You get 6 sheets of 20X20. Leave one to crumble, and work with 5 sheets.
  • Make the cream by mixing the whipping cream with the nutella. Put a part of the cream on one flat sheet and put the next one on that sheet and so on until the end. The upper leaves of each leaf are uneven so you can use them for between the left ones.
  • When you have coated the last 5th layer, lightly coat the sides of the cake as well, and finally sprinkle everything with 6-sheet crumbs. ENJOY!


choxa nutella

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