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120 year old cod recipe

I have been cooking cod in New York for a couple of years, which I have already written as a recipe, but now it has a kitchen display, because my son-in-law is delighted with cod and wants to have such a recipe, that in the future he can cook without me. in Novi Vinodolski, but clearly with a lot less cod, and a lot more potatoes .....

Preparation steps

  • First of all, cod must be soaked for at least three days, but you do not need to change the water every day, but when you put it to boil, be sure to throw the water in which it was soaked. Cod should be boiled for about 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on how long dana mocio. When the cod is cooked, let it cool a bit, then clean it of skin and bones, and crush it with your hands. When you go to cook the cod, heat the water in which it was cooked (don’t throw it away accidentally) to a boil.
  • Boil the potatoes, peel and slice as for a salad, put in a "rajnglica", salt and pepper, and pour about 3/4 liter of water in which the cod was cooked. If the potatoes "drink" more, add more water to keep the potatoes soft.
  • Then put the cleaned and crushed cod on the potatoes, add a little more salt and .....
  • .... put chopped parsley and garlic (plenty) on the cod, then heat the olive oil well in the pan and when it is hot, pour over the parsley and garlic, so that it hardens nicely ....
  • .... stir it lightly so that all the ingredients are mixed evenly, and serve warm best with a sauerkraut salad.


As I said this way, but with much less cod, because it was a poor dish, cod was cooked in my family in Novi Vinodolski for more than 120 years, and passed from generation to generation, and who will be my successor, more It is not known, I support my grandson Kaleb and I will teach him how to cook cod this way.



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