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100% beef for burger original recipe

For years I searched for the right recipe and I finally found believe it or not it is easy to make at home O :)

100% beef for burger original recipe

Preparation steps

  • Cut the beef into small pieces and grind it in the meat mill twice.
  • Add the alcoholic vinegar and stir for 1 minute. After 1 minute, add the fat that you have melted. The temperature of the fat must not exceed 40 degrees at all! stir for 2 minutes on medium speed
  • Measure all dry ingredients and mix them well with a whisk, add them to the meat and stir for 5 minutes on medium speed
  • After 5 minutes, add cold water to the mixture and stir for 5 minutes at maximum speed
  • The mixture prepared in this way is placed in a greased metal bowl and covered with stretchable foil and left to stand all night in the refrigerator. 10 cm to collect meat during roasting on an electric grill, I use an electric clam grill with two flat plates similar to the toaster identical to the one from McDonalds, freeze the shaped burgers and only after deep freezing the plate is at 250 degrees and the top at 220 degrees the length of baking the burger is 1 minute when you bake the burger, salt it with sea salt and black ground pepper you will see that it is identical and even tastier than the one from Mc Donalds;)



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