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A glutton from that world

A glutton from that world

Officially, i.e. it is officially called Herzegovinian green beans, but everyone becomes greedy when this is prepared ..

An ordinary drink

Zlevanka is a traditional Međimurje dish, and it is also characteristic of all parts of the northern Croatian climate, so it is called differently in different parts: zlevka, zljevka… It is great as dinner, or as a simple dessert when you don't know what to bake sweet :-)

Autumn Zlevanka!

This is my quick and healthy version of zlevanka! Instead of cheese I used roasted pumpkin prie! The finest and fastest cake for morning coffee! Good apetite!

Bugojno sarenik

I tried this for the first time this summer in Bugojno, and I really liked it. I prepared millet here instead of ordinary flour, but in both ways it is super fine, try it and see for yourself :-)

Corn zlevanka with pumpkin oil

Corn zlevanka has become a recognizable delicacy from a poor traditional dish. Prepare it from foods that will not disappoint you with its taste and enrich it with the scent of pumpkin oil.


Here is another old peasant dish that Plavuscha reminded me of… The dish is quite simple and I was tempted to have pictures from before so I said to put a recipe I. Otherwise this dish is a breakfast dish in Krajina and is a real peasant food… also eats even today it is only slightly rarer…. This is how it is made in Cazin, where I lived until 2003.

Kočanska zlevanka

Since New Zealand spinach "entered" my garden two years ago, thanks to transplants from Mary1 from Kutina, my attention has been increasingly occupied with recipes with this food. I saw one of these recipes in the show "Food and Wine" by Čakovec's Srce-tv. Given this year’s lush growth of New Zealand spinach, I decided to give this recipe a try. Following the steps of the original recipe, I prepared this zlevanka, with small changes in accordance with my way of cooking. It was a "full hit" and with this excellent zlevanka, which is just as tasty as an appetizer and as a side dish and just as good hot and cold, I enriched the family menu again. If you love spinach read the recipe and use it in your kitchens.

Mom's proja

The best for me, the only proja that doesn't 'choke' me ...

Old pie with cream and young nettle

nettle (URTICA DIOICA), popularly known as grilled, tastes like spinach, but contains as much as five times more calcium and six times more vitamin Ce. , contains a lot of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, unfortunately, although the real small multivitamin tank on our table is not sufficiently represented ... well, to avoid that, here is a quick and delicious grandmother's pie with young nettle and cream ;) if it's available to you, I recommend you try it, if you haven't yet,)


..old traditional Herzegovinian dish, fine to eat, quick to finish, with very little cost!

Proja with spinach

While I was shaking this, I heard my child talking on the phone with someone and calling, "Come on, Zorka is making some green monster". Well, the monster succeeded and they crushed everything.

Proja with zucchini

Old pie in the "new edition", try it this way too :))


"what to start with… osso buco .. hay salad… I don't know..I have an idea for my how come I didn't think of it before, but I think so much..SIDE… my sister and I didn't like to eat before school..but always when mom made a topping for sweetness we ate it..let this be my first recipe ..

Spinach spout

Very fast, fine and tasty, there are similar recipes, here are my versions

Spout or spout

In summer, and in other seasons, I try to make simple, tasty dishes, preferably as healthy as possible ... I am the best food spout in Herzegovina ...

Sweet potato sauce

I had a surplus of homemade kefir so I used it and made a delicious snack.