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Varaždin feast

Northwestern Croatia, where the meat is marinated, smoked and then dried in smoke, and the cabbage is pickled in wooden tubs as in the earliest times, loves a wise and very tasty combination of dried meat and very healthy sauerkraut.

Preparation steps

  • Moisten the cumin with a little water, then chop it finely. Mix it with crushed garlic, salt and Vegeta.
  • Rub part of this mixture on the pork ribs and let it stand for at least 1 hour. Rinse the cabbage, especially if it is too sour, and boil the shank briefly.
  • Put the cabbage in the pot, then the boiled shank and the rest of the mixture of garlic, cumin and Vegeta. Pour water over everything and let it cook gently until everything softens.
  • While the cabbage is cooking, place the prepared ribs on the oven fat in a preheated oven. During baking, water them with a little water as needed.


Cut the cooked shank and baked ribs into nice pieces. Arrange sauerkraut on a heated plate, and sliced ​​meat over it.


You can serve žganci as a side dish to this original Varaždin dish. According to the old custom of this area, mash can be topped with a mixture of chopped bacon and ground pumpkin seeds.


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