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Summer shade

The summer shade is an ideal place to escape the summer heat. If you cool off with the cocktail of the same name, the pleasure will be twofold.

Preparation steps

  • Mix all the ingredients together or shake in a shaker.


Serve in a tall glass, well chilled and garnished with a slice of apple or pineapple.


For hot summer days, add a cube or two of ice.


cocktail liqueur student vodka

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A summer breaker

Make vodka softer with cherry fruit syrup and enjoy a romantic drink decorated with fresh blueberries.

Calvados cocktail

Calvados cocktail

Notes of apple, apricot and blueberry are intertwined in a refreshing summer experience. The Studenac mineral water gives it additional airiness and a refreshing effect.

Double ice drink

Prepare frappes for hot summer afternoons with tea and ice cream, and drops of cognac and cinnamon powder in this story were created to create unforgettable moments.

Fruit fantasy

The taste of summer captured in melon and pineapple and orange juices with ice cubes, will instantly refresh and wake up even the most sleepy palates.

Green tea cocktail

Green tea with rum flavored with a delicate sour taste of lime and mint is an ideal and refreshing cocktail. Due to its specific aroma, Bacardi rum is a common choice when it comes to cocktails.

Orange Mojito Cocktail

The ingredients of the original Mojito cocktail contain white rum and lime juice. Why not try the version in which rum replaces vodka and lime replaces Lerovita orange? And don’t forget to serve with original Cuban music.

Pain from apples

Pain from apples

You have invited friends, and now it is your turn to express yourself as a cocktail master and prepare a simple but effective surprise. Why wouldn’t it be a wine pain, attractively served in a large glass bowl with slices of fruit?

Sea Breeze

Sea Breeze

The summer breeze is a cocktail of vodka and grapefruit and cranberry juices. He follows the basic principle in the preparation of cocktails - strong alcohol with weaker fruit juices that ultimately give the cocktail that bitter-sweet note. Definitely a classic among cocktails.