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Black Sampita:

"... an old recipe ... sampita, but in a different way than the classic one ... with chocolate ... juicy..and chocolate ....."


... this is something my husband really likes to ... hmm ... lick .... :))))


It was a long time ago when I last ate champignons in the pastry shop ... while the cakes were still made from real eggs, and not like today, from ready-made powders ... The white, sweet sticky cream of champignons fascinated me from an early age and I was enchanted. overjoyed when, almost half of my life so far, I made my champignons for the first time - according to an old recipe that I found quite by accident today in a notebook bitten by the ravages of time ...


When I first made shampita my mom said she was better than hers. So today I decided to make it again and share it with you. Pleasant. P. S. Don't do much, don't gain weight;);)


a delicacy from which you will surely save the recipe in your notebook

Champita with blueberries

definitely the fastest cake made in my life ... The recipe is from the new issue of "Food and Wine" but it's there without fruit, since I got beautiful blueberries I couldn't resist and I put them in the cake as a small addition - it turned out a finely refreshing sour dessert ....

Homemade shaum

The process of preparing shaum is on several occasions in my recipes, I decided to single it out as a special recipe, for all those who "asked me" how "???? ....

“No fail” Sampita

"No fail" because it can't fail. For me, Sampita must meet two conditions: firstly, to be safe to eat (without Salmonella and other poisons) and secondly, to make the meringue firm. This recipe was created in order to meet both conditions.


Perfect, just the way it should be.


I don't think this stake needs any introduction…. The name is enough :)

Saum for sampita and saumrole

If you want to make a saum (egg white snow) for saum rolls for safety, sampite… Long found on the net, tried